You can candidate for the student council and after that you can also candidate to board positions. The candidacy itself is primarily for a seat on the Council. If you are elected to the Council, you can choose to apply to the presidium as a president, vice-president or board member. These positions are filled at the inaugural Council meeting in May. You must candidate for election to the General Council regardless of the position you are aiming for. You can do this from January 29 to February 18.

Below is a brief description of the different items:

General Council (FUM)

The easiest way to describe it is to say that it is like the Union’s parliament. The General Council makes overall decisions that concern the entire Union. The four faculties of the Union are represented in the Council (Health and Society, Learning and Society, Culture and Society and Technology and Society), a total of 19 people elected in the Union election. In addition, ten people are elected via FORUM, one for each faculty. This is to ensure that all faculties are represented. The Council meets three to four times per semester and the meetings are always on Wednesday’s afternoon, starting at 16:00 and lasting two to three hours.

The Board

If the Council is the Parliament of the Union, this is the Government. The board currently consists of nine council members who hold board meetings about twice a month. The Board’s main task is to ensure that the Council’s decisions are implemented. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to work in a board.

Presidium and board members

The Presidium, which consists of a president and a Vice-president, manages the Board’s meetings, prepares matters for decision and represents the Union’s members to the media and the outside world. To hold a full-time assignment in the Presidium, you must take a study break.

Four board members have an important responsibility towards the four faculties that the Union represents. They are an integral part of the Union and will have an important role and be a crucial piece of the puzzle between the management of the faculty and the employed student ombud. These members do their studies on the side, but remuneration is given for attending certain specific meetings.

The other three members responsibility is to back-up the Presidium and the committees with various tasks. They also have specific responsibilities assigned by the Board. Responsibilities include supporting student social activities and recruiting student representatives, as well as organizing ”Get engaged”.