You can candidate for the student council and after that you can also candidate to board positions. The candidation period is open between February 3th and 
February 16th.

There are three different positions that you can candidate for depending how much time you want to put on your Union engagement. Here is a brief summary about the three positions.

The Election is primarily about a position in the Union Council. But you can, when candidating, also choose to candidate for the board and a full time position. These positions are however elected by the new council at the first council meeting at the end of the spring term.

The student council (aka FUM)

The easiest way to describe it is to say that it is kind of the union parliament, which takes decisions affecting the entire organization. It has all four faculties represented, with a total of 29 members chosen in the Union Election. The council meets about three times a term and it is always in the afternoon, starting at 4 pm and lasts 1-2 hours.

The Board

If the council is like a parliament, the Board is like its government. It consists of 9 council members (6 full time ombudsmen and 3 volunteers) and they meet about once a month.  Their main task is to make sure that the decisions made in the council actually gets done. The nonprofit representatives (the volonteers) sit on the Board like the other delegates, they are active on the faculty and do basically the same things as the full-time agents, but without getting paid for it. This means that you can do as much as you want. It is also a wonderful opportunity to learn more about how to work in a Board and a good chance to help out when you can.

The Ombudsmen and the Presidium

 In the board you also find 6 persons (4 student ombud and 2 in the presidium) that work full time. These six lead the union’s daily work and make sure that everything is as good as it can be for all students at Malmö University. This is full time job, with a monthly wage and you have to take a study break for a year. In addition to representing the students, help out if there is a problem and work for a better student life, you can also be responsible for everything from student social activities to student associations. This is a job where being active in similar bodies before is a clear advantage. You also have to be able to speak and write in Swedish. The Presidium, that consists of the President and the Vice president, lead the board meetings, prepare the discussions and decision points and represent the students towards the media and others.