Why should I candidate?

Your education is important! 

Important enough for money to be invested in it. It is therefore important that everything works as it should. You can influence your education by being present during the university’s decision-making processes.

The Union represent the students!

You have the opportunity to influence all student-related matters. You can promote your ideas regarding social activities to ensure that you and your fellow students have a wonderful time at the university. Also, being actively engaged in the Union will allow you to gain valuable experience for future career prospects. You can also influence the student life by creating projects that are important to you.

What is the Council (FUM)?

The easiest way to describe it is to say that it is kind of Union parliament, which makes overarching decisions affecting the entire organization. The council meets about three times a term and it is always in the afternoon, starting at 4 pm. 

Who can candidate?

YOU and EVERYONE! The only requirement is that you are a student at Malmö University and a member of the Student Union. To seek a position as president, vice president or student ombud, you have to be able to speak and write in Swedish, as Swedish law requires all documents to be in Swedish.

Do you want to know more about what it means to be a candidate? More info about Info meeting will come!

Important dates for all the candidates!

  • February 8th Info meeting about candidacy, 19.00 in the Student Pub
  • January 30th – February 19th – The period for candidating, apply on the link on the top of the page!
  • February 22th Meeting for all candidates. Mingle with other candidates and get more info about the election!
  • March 13th – March 26th Voting period! Promote yourself to other students! Why should they vote for you?