Why should I candidate?

Your education is important! 

It is important that everything works as it should. The Student Union Malmö is involved in all
decisions made at the university that affect students. The union works daily to make your study time at Malmö University as good as possible.

Get involved and make a difference!

You have the opportunity to influence all issues concerning students. You can run your own ideas and social activities. This means that you and your fellow students’ study time will be filled with more fun things than just exams and studies.

What is the Council (FUM)?

The easiest way to describe it is to say that it is kind of Union parliament, which makes overarching decisions affecting the entire organization. The council meets about three times a term and it is always in the afternoon, starting at 4 pm. 

Who can candidate?

Everyone who is a student at Malmö University, belongs to a faculty that we represent (KS, TS, HS and LS) and is a member of the Student Union Malmö can candidate in the Union election.

Are you applying for the position of president, vice-president or board member with faculty responsibilities? Please note that you must be able to understand and read in Swedish, as public documents must be available in Swedish under Swedish law.


Want to know more about what it means to be a candidate? Come to our information meeting on February 8 at Orkanen in room OR:C127 at 16:00. We start with a mingle and coffee in the foyer.

Important dates for all the candidates!

  • January 29 – February 25 | Candidacy
    During these dates you can send in your candidacy.
  • 8 februari | Information meeting
    We will explain in more detail what it means to candidate for the Student Union Council.
    Location: Orkanen, room: OR:C127 (mingle and fika in the lobby) 
    Time: 16:00- 18:00.
  • February 29 | Candidate meeting
    Take the opportunity to mingle with other candidates and your opponents.
    Location: Orkanen
    Time: 16:00- 18:00.
  • February 25 | Send in your best picture!
    Last day to send in a photo of yourself. Otherwise you will receive an elephant avatar as a picture. The photo should be sent to val@malmostudenter.se.
  • March 6 | Campaign workshop
    Join us to create your own campaign material for the elections.
    Location: Kølsvinet
    Time: 15:00- 17:00

  • March 11 – 24 | The ELECTION!
    During this period, you promote yourself to other students. Why should they vote for you? And don’t forget to vote yourself!